How To Use The Ameda Platinum Breast Pump Guide

A step-by-step guide for using the Ameda Platinum double, electric breast pump for the first time. Setting up and using the  

The Ameda Platinum double pump is a hospital grade breast pump that is convenient, portable and powerful. Clinical research has proven that the Ameda Platinum is the most effective pump on the market for initiating, maintaining and boosting breast milk production. The Ameda platinum helps moms to experience the pleasure and comfort of providing their baby with precious and vital nutrition, whether they feed them directly from the breast or not.

The Ameda Platinum boasts some great features:

  • Fully Customizable with over 5000 unique setting combinations
  • Does 80 cycles per minute (the optimum range)
  • Speed and suction are independent of each other
  • Clinical setting tested
  • LCD screen for easy use in dark rooms
  • Built in timer
  • Simple trouble shooting guide
  • Clear ‘service required’ indications
  • All plastic body for easy cleaning
  • Bottle holders are mounted on the pump to avoid spillage of mamma’s precious milk
  • Double and single pump features

Rent The Ameda Platinum Hospital Grade Breast Pump : 

You can rent the Ameda Platinum Hospital Grade Pump from our store. If you are in the Toronto & GTHA areas, we will pick it up and conveniently deliver it directly to your doorstep for free!  If you are outside of the GTA we can deliver it to you for as little as $20 each way.

Benefits of Using a Breast Pump

Typically, moms choose to use a breast pump if they have been separated from their baby, if they are unable to breastfeed, or if the baby wont’ latch. Or it may be that mamma simply chooses to pump instead of directly feeding. The decision is entirely yours to make.

Breast milk offers the baby enormous health benefits. Whether the baby gets the milk directly from the breast or from a bottle with expressed milk, the nutritional result is the same:

  • Provides antibodies to fight viruses and bacteria
  • Lowers risk of asthma and allergies
  • Decrease risk of respiratory illness, ear infections and digestive issues

Whatever your circumstances, by renting the Ameda Hospital breast pump you can continue to produce plenty of nutrient rich breast milk for your baby from the comfort of home.

Why Choose The Ameda Platinum Breast Pump? The Standout Features

The Ameda Platinum breast pump has 3 standout features that make it the better choice over other pumps on the market.

 Firstly, The custom control features an infinite number of settings. This means that mom can find the optimum level of comfort in real time. Don’t think that this means it is a complicated piece of equipment! It is very simple and very easy to use. The setting adjustments mean that Mom can tweak the speed and suction, while it is in use. The pump automatically turns on at the optimal setting of 80 pumps per minute and then once ‘let down’ starts; the levels can be adjusted to mom’s ideal comfort level. The Ameda has Piston, comfort flow technology. This means that it has smooth waveform generated by the piston to ensure that the pump flow is consistent and predictable.  

Secondly, the ultimate goal of any breast pump is to get the highest volume of mom’s precious milk. Platinum has been proven to yield more milk per use than any of the other hospital grade pumps on the market.

The third unique selling point of the Ameda pump is the fact that it can be used as both a single and double breast pump. Why would mom need the option of using a single pump you might ask? There are a few ways that this could come in handy.  Mom can attach a single pump whilst she simultaneously feeds her baby. This would increase milk production on whichever side was not in use and would harvest milk for later.  Or, there may be some physical issues that mean the baby can only latch on one side, but mom wants to harvest milk from both breasts. The benefits of using the double pump is that you can maximise milk out put from both breasts simultaneously.

 The Ameda is portable and compact making it easy to carry around. It comes with a well-balanced and centrally located handle so that you can carry it with one hand. However, it is pretty heavy. If you had a C-section it is probably a good idea to get someone else to carry it around for you initially. 

Follow Our Step-By-Step Guide For Using The Ameda Breast Pump

The Ameda Breast Pump Accessory Kit

The Ameda Platinum comes with a closed collection kit. The kit includes everything that you would need to store and preserve your milk so that it stays perfect.  Ameda collection kits are compatible with any other Ameda pumps in Canada. The collection kit system is the safest for mom and baby on the market. The system prevents mould, bacteria and viruses from getting into the tubing. This means that there’s no risk to the machine or to the milk. It allows for really easy cleaning and sanitising, because there is no need to take the tubes apart to clean them. The patented protective barrier keeps any contamination at bay. No condensation or moisture can get in, so the milk parts stay hygienic.   

The kit includes:

  • Milk collection bags: Milk can be pumped directly into the collection bags to be stored for later. The bags are durable with a multi-ply design. They also have a unique pour spout. This means that they wont leak or spill valuable fluid. When you receive the kit, its content will be sterile. This means that you can use the items right out of the bag.
  •  NoShow Premium Disposable Nursing Pads: It is common to have the occasional leakage of milk from the breasts and the pads will help to absorb any overflow.
  •  Breast Milk Storage Guidelines: Follow the preparation and storage guidelines to make sure that baby is getting milk that is at its optimum.
  •  Flange Adapter: The flange is the part that comes into contact with your body. It creates a vacuum seal with the areola to draw the milk in for collection.
  •  Breast Milk Storage Bottles with Locking Ring and Disc: The bottles come with measurements on the side so that you can measure the amount that you have produced. The locking ring makes sure that the bottle is sealed tight for preservation and doesn’t leak.
  •  A breastfeeding reference Guide: The guide is a helpful tool for trouble shooting any issues.

How Do I Put The Kit Together?

Step 1: Take the tubing and insert it right into the front of the pump.

Step 2: Take the valve and slot it into the bottom of the brush shield.

Step 3: Screw the bottle on.

Step 4: Put the membranes in the top. Put the caps in and you will hear them click into place.

Step 5: Place the bottle in the notches on the top of the pump where they are secure. Insert the tubing via the white connecter on the front of the pump.

When you turn it on the pumps with be at 80 cycles per minute. This is pretty high so that it can initiate the let down.  The suction level will be very low as it is such an individual choice. You will need to decide your suction level. As you become accustomed to the machine it would be best to increase the suction slowly. The suction level should be as high as you can be comfortable with, but not high enough to hurt. If it starts to pinch or hurt then you should lower the suction level. Once let down has begun you can adjust the cycles per minute to the most comfortable level. There is a timer on the front so that you will always know how long you have been pumping for. Each pumping session would last around 15-20 minutes. 

 What Do The Buttons On Ameda Platinum Pump Do?

The Power button turns green when it is plugged in and on. All of the buttons are backlit so that you can easily see what you are doing.

The speed button: Push the speed button once to go up or down 1 cycle. If you hold the button down it will go up or down by 10 cycles.

The suction button: The suction button works in exactly the same way as the speed button.

The timer: The timer starts as soon as you begin and it allows you to clearly keep track of how much time you spend pumping.

With the ability to go up and down by as little as 1, you are really able to find the sweet spot, the perfect setting for you. 

How Do I Switch To Single Pump Setting?

Turn off the pump and pull the tubing out of the front of the pump. There is a little cap on one side that allows you to remove one of the tubes. Put the cap on the side that you have just removed and this blocks one side. This means that you now have a very efficient single pump.  Replace the tubing into the pump and then turn it on again to start pumping. You would probably want to adjust the speed and suction when using a single pump, as the machines efficiency will have increased. The beauty of the Ameda is that it is fully and easily customisable.

How To Sterilise The Ameda Platinum?

Completely separate all of the parts that have come in contact with your body or with your milk and sterilise them with whichever method you have chosen. The tubing itself and the caps have not come into contact with milk so they do not need to be sterilised. 

Watch the video to see Maria provide a detailed, step-by-step demonstration about how to use, sterilise and put together the Ameda platinum pump and kit.

Watch the New Mummy Company's founder and baby expert Maria, as she guides you through setting up, using and sterilising the Ameda. 

Hospitals In Ontario That Use Ameda Pumps

  • Sick Kids 
  • Mount Sinai 
  • Northhumberland Hills 
  • Kingston 
  • Quinte 
  • Humber River 
  • Thunder Bay
  • Temiskaming 
  • Georgian Bay
  • Orillia
  • Hamilton 
  • Brant Community Health 
  • London 
  • Woodstock 
  • Grey Bruce

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